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Even the smallest of startups can benefit from the services of a professional writer without breaking the bank; we have packages to suit all budgets and all businesses. Decide which package suits you best and get in touch to discuss your needs. We'll create SEO optimised, finely tuned content that your audience will love. Keep your website front and centre when it comes to Google rankings.



Startup packages begin at only $75. You’ll get a regular, SEO optimised blog article tailor-made for your website and delivered to your inbox on a date which suits your schedule.

Startup packages include a 15 minute telephone consultation designed to help us meet your needs.

Keep your website and social media busy and full of well-written, relevant content.




Prices start at only $175.Your blogs are delivered to you as often as you need them.

Business packages include a 30 minute telephone consultation during which your aims and future plans for your business will be discussed and a package will be drawn up to suit you.

Highly researched and well-written blog articles will then be delivered to your inbox as often as you choose. This makes it simple for you to keep your website topped-up with relevant and seasonal content.




Your newsletter is important...but only if the content is worthwhile to your audience. Don't waste your time writing content nobody will open. Let us take over that responsibility and ensure that your regular newsletters are both valuable and that they get opened! 



Yearly package. Delivered fortnightly or monthly for your convenience. We'll get in touch with you one week before your regular newsletter is due to go out and all you need to do is fill us in with your latest business news.

  • 12 newsletters $550







What do we mean by "voice"? Quite literally...we mean the voice of your brand. When your audience read your social media posts, your web-copy, your emails and advertisements, they know who you are. They "hear" your voice through the words on the page.

The ethos of your company, the humour, the dedication and the professional manner in which you go about your business are all clear to see when your voice is well-designed. This is a powerful tool for any business and one which will make your future communications simple to manage. 

Many people find digital media an intimidating prospect. You know you need to get out there and push your business front-and-centre but before you do, you need to know the answers to a few questions.

  • Who are you speaking to?

  • What are you saying?

  • How are you saying it?

Our package will provide you with one-to-one consultation to help you discover your businesses' voice and reach your audience more effectively.

This package includes a one hour consultation during which you will have the opportunity to share your vision for the future of your business and to learn more about harnessing and managing the voice of your brand. You will also be provided with a tailor-made blog to help launch your new brand identity.



  • $150

Your consultation includes

  • One hour consultation

  • One blog




  • For a complete overhaul of the copy on your website, the cost is $70.00 per hour with times being variable. A simple 2-3 page site will only take 2-3 hours but a larger, more comprehensive site longer.

  • For web copy on a new site, the cost is variable depending on your needs. A quote will be offered once you have been in touch.

  • For print copy on flyers, posters, advertising materials etc. the cost is $70.00 per hour. Get in touch to discuss your needs and an estimate of the amount of time needed will be given along with a quote.

  • All of our pre-ordered packages listed above for blogs, newsletters and consultations are payable in advance whilst other writing may be paid for in two increments. The first payment of half the quoted amount is due when you make an order, the second is due upon delivery.

Please get in touch to enquire about our web copy overhauls, web copy on new sites, print copy or any other questions you may have.