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Your website needs a constant stream of fresh, relevant content in order to keep your Google ranking healthy and your customers engaged.

It's not enough to add a blog occasionally and hope for the best. You need high-quality content with carefully placed keywords which Google Bot will recognise as it crawls billions of pages on the web.

Research shows that as few as 3-4 regular posts per month will see your site traffic increase. Up that figure to 5-10 and you'll really see a difference.

Most business owners can't spare the time needed to write that much content ...which is why they employ professionals. Ordering blogs for your business is tell us how many you need and we supply you with original, freshly written content that your customers (and Google Bot!) will love.

We offer affordable blog packages for startups and for more established businesses. Find out more here.

Video scripts

Working in close contact with you as you visualise and formulate your video idea, we will write a script to push your business front and centre.

Whether you want a side-splitting script for YouTube, a touching video to tug at the heartstrings of your audience or captions for a slideshow, we'll  create something amazing which you can then share on social media channels.

Your investment will keep on working for you as your content is shared on social media.

Get in touch today.

Web copy & Proofreading

How well-written is the content on your website? What score would you give it? If you're honest, is it up to scratch or are there a few spelling mistakes? A little grammatical error here and there? If so, don't be fooled into thinking that these details go unnoticed. They don't.

When visitors arrive on your website, there are a lot of things going on and the main issue, is that of trust. To fully secure the trust of your customer, your website needs to be pristine. Not just "OK" but perfect. 

Speak to us about spring-cleaning your website.  We'll pick through the pages and turn up the weak spots in your copy. Once we've noted the issues, we'll deliver a document with clear corrections and detailed notes so you can fix things up!

Alternatively, if you're launching a brand-new business and need fresh, beautifully written content, then we can create that for you too. 

Print copy, content & proofreading

Catalogues, flyers, banner and posters. Menus, educational support material for tourist attractions...the world of print marketing isn't dead yet and we're here to ensure that yours is not only eye-catching but also perfect.

We can enhance your visitor's experience by adding value in a number of ways. Ask about our tailored educational packs...created for your business with your visitors in mind.

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Newsletters/email marketing

Your subscribers are hard-won. You want to keep them informed and engaged with regular newsletters.

Are yours good enough? Are the titles engaging? Is the content clear and well-written with a great call-to-action?

If not, then even the chances of your subscribers even opening your newsletters are slim. We're here to improve your chances and ensure that your messages land...right where you want them to. Learn more about our newsletters, prices and how to order.

find your voice consultation

Many people find social media an intimidating place. You know you need to get out there and push your business front-and-centre but what should you say? How should you say it?

Our Find Your Voice Package will provide you with one-to-one consultation to help you discover your voice and reach your audience.

We'll even get you started as part of the package with a made-to-measure newsletter and a blog of your choice included as part of the service. If you need ongoing support, we can help with that too. Learn more about the Find Your Voice Package.