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How Creative Writing can Improve Children's Confidence & Social Skills

Children are sensitive souls; even the loud, confident kids can sometimes have trouble expressing their deepest thoughts and feelings. Creative writing helps children to tap into their ideas, opinions and fears about life. As they begin to share their work with others, a magical process starts to happen.

They begin to feel validated. They realise that their thoughts are being taken seriously as their teacher and peers comment on and praises their writing. Even constructive criticism is valuable because the child understands that this is something they’ve created alone…and for it to be important enough to discuss seriously is a wonderful realisation which will often propel a child towards producing more work.

Evidence that children who regularly participate in creative writing are more confident

Research from Sydney University has uncovered some amazing facts about children who engage in regular creative writing activities…they are as follows:

  • Significant improvement in writing skills

  • Increased engagement in writing and for longer periods

  • Better planning and organisational skills

  • Enhanced ability to reflect and self-evaluate

  • Increased confidence to work with others

  • More willingness to talk to other people, particularly adults

All children love stories and all children can participate in the making and telling of them. Creative writing isn’t only for those children with advanced literacy skills but is easily adapted to suit the needs and skills of any child given the opportunity to participate.